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I need help finding shoe! It's peep toe, t-strap, with blue bow. Where can I find that particular shoe?

I want this shoe for my wedding. It looks vintage and I know Foley%26#039;s used to carry it. But, I can%26#039;t recall the brand. It has a purple label. HELP!

I need help finding shoe! It%26#039;s peep toe, t-strap, with blue bow. Where can I find that particular shoe?
try,, you are guaranteed to find what you like there
Reply:def. payless they really do have great shoes!
Reply:Hi Shawn, Try Payless Shoes. I am not joking!!! They have been getting a lot of cute and nice shoes in lately. I hope you find them in time. A Friend..

Reply:i think you would find it under your bed or in your closet, i wonder what we always loose one of the things that we need in the last minute. if it is not in there i guess you would have to use another pair of shoes, but if you want to, you come to pick one of my shoes. don%26#039;t worry you would find it.


How are wine bottles blackened?

There is a patented process that is also top secret that is used to blacken wine bottles already. Blackening lets an empty bottle appear full, which is good for display bottles or sample bottles to bid on a labeling job or an etching/handpainted wine bottle project.

There is an observation that the smell of a blackenend bottle is something similar to shoe polish. I%26#039;m interested in knowing another way that I might blacken an individual small bottle every so often.

How are wine bottles blackened?
its not the bottle thats blackned. Its the wine or drink%26#039;s color.
Reply:silly people believe unbelieveable jest as facts.

Ask a glass blower. try the local college arts and crafts

skin rash

Am I shallow if I only feel that I look my best in clothes with designer labels?

This all came up when I noticed a very cool looking pair of tennis shoes at wal mart except for the generic label on the sides. I realized the only thing keeping me from buying them was the generic label and now I feel silly about it.

Am I a 34 year old man thats still behaving like the child in school who had to have a cool pair of $100.00 nikes. Am I retaining my youth through a check mark on a darn shoe? I feel like a square, paw paw, or %26quot;dork%26quot; in no name brand shoes.

Does anyone relate? I feel its just a hang up and realize I could by 5 pairs of the cheaper shoes for the price I pay for one.

Am I shallow if I only feel that I look my best in clothes with designer labels?
You%26#039;re shallow if designer labels are ALL that make up your personality.

Otherwise its a social prefferance thats been conditioned into your from an early age - statements like: the popular kids wear the best cloths, only poor people wear generic brands, I feel that am not attractive unless I wear the best cloths and so on.

It could also be related to a massive inferiority complex. Maybe you were dumped or mistreated by an old GF and subconsciously you delt with the bruised ego by wearing designer cloths.

Other than that, if those don%26#039;t apply then its likely related to a low self esteem or poor self image.

Its only a disorder or %26quot;abnormal%26quot; if this desire to wear designer cloths is obsessive and compulsive - you can%26#039;t help but wear these cloths and you think about them a lot. Then you have OCD and probably a related to a subconcsious defensive mechanism to help you deal with doubt and anxiety and make you feel like you are in control.

If none of that applies then you are just you.

Hope that helps!
Reply:I think of %26quot;shallow%26quot; as meaning a person is entirely superficial but obviously you have thought about this and the implications for yourself. Hence, you are not shallow.

The advertisers deliberately lead us all down this path and it appears as though young people are more vulnerable to this than are older people. Nevertheless, to some extent nearly all of us are aware of brand names and their implications for social status.

People who can afford to buy the expensive brands (and the status that goes with them) are to some extent choosing not to be thrifty. They are also choosing to spend money to indulge their egos rather than choosing to spend it on others who may be in more need. It%26#039;s not just about shoes, but you already knew that.
Reply:If you have the money to do it, then why not. I personally think that off-brand clothes are just as good as name brand clothes. And, I save a lot of money looking good, while you are spending a lot of money looking good.
Reply:Hell no man.Im 35 and just spent 80 on nikes like a day ago.Why not have some fly **** if u can afford it.And besides,walmart shoes do suck,lol
Reply:It%26#039;s good that you recognize you are behaving like a child. You should realize that you don%26#039;t have to live the life that you did when you were a kid. You have the power to change your life now, and live it as you see fit. No one is going to really care what kind of shoes you wear now, like no one really did when you were a kid. They were just being mean, like kids do. People are very egotistical and really just think about themselves. When they tease, they are doing it to make themselves feel better, not to really hurt you--it has nothing to do with you. Wear whatever you want.
Reply:Well, Mr. %26quot;GoodGuy%26quot;,

Why do you feel like a square or dork? Is there something wrong with wearing something generic? Why do you feel that when you wear something cheaper but better looking, that you look like a dork? If your friends and family were actual friends and family, they wouldn%26#039;t care about what you wear. Strangers wouldn%26#039;t care either. Its the first impression that counts. If your nice and not a snob, then there wouldn%26#039;t be a problem just because your wearing something generic. If you think they are cool, then buy them and wear them. Its your hard-earned money. Spend it the way you like. Just because their not popular doesn%26#039;t mean its not cool.. Its all about whats on the inside man..
Reply:Lol... At least you do see it as a little silly.... Shallow, well not really, if you are only talking about yourself... but if you look down on other people because they dont wear those super cool nikes then, yep you sure are shallow...
Reply:see i wouldn%26#039;t say shallow, kind of dumb but not shallow

a little misguided, trying to do whats best...

it depends doesn%26#039;t it on which social circle you wish to be in

it depends who you want to come across as

you could have bought the cheep trainers you liked on principle and donated the other 4 pairs worth to charity

and simply explained your bit to help save the world if anyone asked and probably giving you just as much kudos as the Nike label

but hey each to their own...

do you never think at first we chose the labels - at that point in time they were %26#039;cool%26#039; - now the labels define us... its just not as fun anymore?
Reply:Don%26#039;t think shallow fits.

Maybe egotistical or narcissistic in that you feel you only deserve the best and don%26#039;t want anyone to ever think otherwise.

Possibly insecure in that you feel you would not be viewed with any importance if you just wore generic clothes. Maybe afraid who you are isn%26#039;t enough to get you through life.


Best hiking boots, backpack?

I am going to begin hiking soon and need to buy some shoes/boots, a jacket and a backpack. Can anyone suggest any good clothing/shoe labels?? I have no idea what to look for when buying theese items. Does anyone know any reliable websites to look at? Thank You.

Best hiking boots, backpack?
I have been backpacking for over 10 years. You need a quality boot with Gore-Tex. When I buy a pair of boots, I remove the insole and replace it with a high quality one for the shoe store. I use sock liners with wool/acrylic socks. The liners prevent blisters and the wool socks wick away moisture. If the weather is warm to hot, you may want to change you socks at lunch time. The feet really appreciate this.

Originally, I began backpacking with an external frame pack. This are good to get started with because they are cheaper. I presently am using a old Osprey internal frame pack. I won%26#039;t ever go back to external frame.

If you are backpacking in mild weather, you rain jacket can serve as your jacket. One item with multiple uses. Again, I use Gore-Tex. But, there are some great off brands that would work as well.

E-mail me for more info. Good luck!
Reply:Gore tex boots are great, but you don%26#039;t need them. Contrary to popular belief, gore tex is not waterproof. It is very water resistant and breathes well. I have tried a couple of different gore tex boots and they eventually leaked. Both by Danner, by the way. I work for a federal public lands management agency, and I wear White%26#039;s Boots. They%26#039;re thick full grain leather with thick vibram soles and ten inch high tops. Made in the USA. Excellent arch support. I LIVE in them. They do weigh about 4 pounds a piece, which makes a lot of the go-lite types laugh at me, but my feet NEVER hurt. Check em%26#039; out at whites boots dot com, or something like that. There are more clothing manufacturers than you can shake a stick at. A good lightweight shell made from a breathable fabric like gore tex is worth it%26#039;s weight in gold. Other manufacturers make breathable fabric similar to gore-tex, which can be had at a lower price. Columbia is good if you%26#039;re on a budget, north face, and mtn hardwear are great if you aren%26#039;t. I use a camelback daypack called the hawg, which ain%26#039;t too bad if you don%26#039;t have alot to carry. Your daypack should be smaller than 2000 cubic inches. I have an osprey daybag that is larger than my camelback that works great for winter time when I carry more junk. If I had my druthers, I%26#039;d get a pack from this company called kifaru. They are the coolest things you ever saw. The one I want costs about 600 bucks, so I%26#039;ll have to be really nice to my wife and see if she%26#039;ll let me get one. Sierra Trading post and campmor are good websites for finding deals. REI ain%26#039;t too bad eiether. Summit hut has some really fancy stuff, if you can afford it. Good Luck, have fun, and don%26#039;t become a victim to fashion!!
Reply:Check out and forget about wearing boots unless you are planning to hike in the snow. there are plenty of hiking shoe brands that are top-notch ,just make sure you break them in before you head out.If you don%26#039;t ,don%26#039;t expect to have a good time . As far as packs I would need more imformation on what type of hiking you are going to do.


Is it bad to wear knock off uggs?

everytime i wear these shoes that look like uggs(emu) people always check the back of my shoes for that ugg label. there like the ugg patrol.

Is it bad to wear knock off uggs?
Not at all! I myself invested in a pair that was $40.... rather than $600 dollars. They are made from the same fabrics, sole material and are much more affordable. Plus the %26quot;ugg%26quot; style boots get dirty really easy, and you have to replace them every new winter season. It%26#039;s more sensible to wear a knock off, than the real thing because now you can buy several different styles or colors with your hard earned money!
Reply:its bad to wear any uggs
Reply:i don%26#039;t think it matters

i mean, isn%26#039;t it crazy how

ppl can b so judgemental

on WAT U WEAR?!?!
Reply:no wear what you want!! you shouldnt care so much about what other people think about you. what matters is what you think about yourself!
Reply:NO!! Emu, in my persective of better than uggs. They come in more colors, and are more comfortable. they aren%26#039;t nessicalrly cheeper, just less expensive
Reply:Welll not rlly

ull just look kinda cheap
Reply:If you can afford designer clothing fine, but why bust your bank acct just to impress others? Half the time they dont even look at the labels anyway and instead say %26quot;Nice boots! Where did you get them?%26quot; _____ Insert your own answer ;)
Reply:Uhh, I would care if I were you. I think it%26#039;s tacky to wear knockoff uggs. Actually, it%26#039;s tacky to wear ANYTHING knockoff. I think they%26#039;re only knockoffs if they have a company logo on them when it wasn%26#039;t made by the company it portrays. But if it isn%26#039;t, I wouldn%26#039;t stress it.
Reply:lol like the wal-mart kind? i was just wondering the saaaame thing. =]
Reply:it may just be my opinion. but they are SO unflattering. i wouldn%26#039;t buy them at all. there are these really cool type of boots in fashion....they%26#039;re like snow boot that have a little platform height and they zip up your legs. i think those are sooo much cooler.
Reply:Its not bad. They%26#039;re probably not even knock offs they%26#039;re probably a different brand of boots. Just like clothing uggs aren%26#039;t the only type of existing boots.

Hope I helped a bit
Reply:wow. who cares if they uggs are real? seriously. just wear your pants over your uggs [unless your pants aren%26#039;t meant to be worn over of course, but if they%26#039;re like wide enough not to look stupid] so they can%26#039;t look. ^.^

its not bad to wear fake ones. i actually would prefer fake ones because the real ones are made from real sheep skin. its disgusting.
Reply:It%26#039; bad to wear any Uggs. Hideous things...


Would you buy a product (shoes, clothing, etc) with the following label: Made in XXX by Italians?

The label itself would guarantee Italians from Italy making the product, they%26#039;re just making their product in another country to lower production costs giving you the high quality product at a much lower price.

XXX stands for any country:

For example...

Made in USA by Italians

Made in Brazil by Italians


Would you buy a product (shoes, clothing, etc) with the following label: Made in XXX by Italians?
I%26#039;d sure buy them.

But then again, I dont really care where stuff is made, I just care if it looks good on me.

Its the same people making them just in a different place.


What top and shoes to wear with navy?

I have just bought a navy straight skirt with slits on either side showing a sky blue poker dot underskirt. The label is trelise cooper and she is notorious for quirky funky things. I have a matching navy colour jacket but I don%26#039;t want to look too matching. I was thinking of getting a cute white cardigan but it seems silly wearing matching white or navy shoes like I am trying too hard. Dilemma because it%26#039;s a beautiful skirt and I%26#039;d love to get the wear out of it. Would tan shoes go? Then what top?

What top and shoes to wear with navy?
LOL yes dilemma. I%26#039;m a straight dude and yet still into fashion SO u kno i wont **** u over cause gays like to do that and chicks do too never trust a chik or gay in the fashion industrie what u wanna do is go for like a really bright stelleto like a red or something to dress it up or dress it down with a nice pair of matchin thongs or flats!!

if you are going for the quirky funky look (which is very in) go with a crazy shirt that doesn%26#039;t match for the dress down with a fancy colored ribbon (to match the shoes) or to dress it up stick to black or white. Something fancy with like lace around the neck or something still with the hair piece to match your shoes.

This look is meant to break the boundaries and be a bit crazy but u dont want to look like a hippy play with it try something that u already have with it!!!!
Reply:Yes, white will look cute. And I can imagine the outfit with sand colored wedge heel sandals. Wow. U%26#039;ll look great!
Reply:Maybe a pink or orange skirt and funky shoes.
Reply:Try a top to match the sky blue. And go with neutral colored

shoes. You%26#039;ll look GREAT!

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